Friday, June 22, 2012

A Visit To Long Itchington

On Friday we took a walk in to Long Itchington after we'd moved the boat onto some vacated rings. Our pins had been pulled out by boats making waves and we wanted to be sure it wasn't on the opposite side of the canal when we came back from our walk. There's a footpath across fields by Bridge 25 and as the fields had horses in not cows so we were OK.

There was a well stocked Coop shop to get a few essentials as well as a hairdresser and numerous pubs including the Duck on the Pond, next to the village green and a fenced off pond. The ducks were hopeful of being fed but the fresh loaf of bread was for us.

I wanted to see the church, notably because it's spire is missing as it was hit by lightning in a storm during a service in 1762. This information was in the Pearson's Guide, I can only imagine what the church goers were thinking on the lines of the wrath of God, maybe.

Long Itchington Church

Friday was certainly windy and the satellite dish kept blowing over so we gave up and put the aerial to watch Freeview instead. The boat rocked and rolled on waves  made by both the wind and passing speedy boats, but we were quite happy enjoying a lazy afternoon and evening.

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