Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Visit To Brinklow

Our mooring near Brinklow

Yesterday Ben and I walked along the canal to Rugby with Eric bringing the boat. We were in luck as there was room to moor at the mooring nearest Tesco's. We left Ben on the boat whilst we did a shop and on returning to the boat we moved on heading for a country mooring at All Oaks Wood near Brinklow. The mooring soon filled up, but it was still lovely and quiet!

A view from the side hatch

This morning (Saturday) we decided to go for a walk into the village of Brinklow, so Eric, Ben and I set off from our mooring finding a footpath off the road which took us past the motte and bailey into Brinklow. The motte was a low mound covered in long grass, but higher than the surrounding ground.

We found the shop to get a daily paper and then took a few pictures of the church, a thatched cottage and an interesting headstone on a grave. We followed Fosse Way which runs through the centre of the village back to the canal at Rose Narrowboats and then walked along the boggy, muddy towpath back to the boat.  Ben had a dip in the shallow edge of the canal so at least he was mud free, all I had to was dry him off with a towel.

St John's Church, Brinklow
A lovely thatched cottage in Brinklow
An interesting headstone
The inscription on the other side


Les and Jaqueline Biggs said...

Nice to read that you are both out walking together again.
Jaq & Les

Elsie said...

Hi Jaq & Les,

Eric can cope with flat walks's the hills he can't cope with. He says his ribs still hurt a bit but we're getting there.

Take care, Elsie & Eric