Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Visit To Braunston

Yesterday we left our mooring and headed for Braunston intending to stop and visit the services for the usual emptying and filling procedures as well as walking up to the village if a mooring place was free. Wondering if any of the rally boats were still there we didn't think we'd find a convenient spot to moor but luck was with us and we did. We bought some oil at Midland Chandlers so Eric had all he needed to do an engine service.

Braunston Church

We wallked up through the fields from Bridge 89 with the sheep moving awaay from Ben on his lead, even though  he wasn't taking any notice of them. Progress was slow, Braunston is on a hill! Eric needed a few breathers.  It's a lovely village with a very well  stocked shop with loads of fresh fruit and vegetables. It also boasts an excellent butcher so I bought some lamb chops and a steak and pie for another day.

Back on the boat we decided to move a few miles out of Braunston by Bridge 81 where it's lovely and quiet, although by the evening nine boats were moored up there. Further along the canal the M45 cuts across the peace and quiet of the Oxford Canal. We're staying here today so the engine can  be serviced, so Eric will be busy in the engine 'ole and I'll be his mate passing him the spanners!                                       

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