Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Very Busy Day- By Train

My day started much earlier than usual at 7 o'clock as I needed to walk the dog so I could leave him with Eric for the day. Thanks to the internect I'd planned my travel to and from Leamington Spa to Newport as I urgently needed to see my dentist......toothache of course.

I cycled the five miles back to Leamington Spa and phoned the dentist requesting an urgent afternoon appointment. I had to be there by two o'clock so I locked up the bike at the railway station cycle park and caught the train to Birmingham and then a train to Newport. You can get there by  train by different stations but that way is the cheapest.

By 2.45pm the offending tooth was out, I just hope it was the right one ......I'd hate to spend five hours on the train and cycle ten miles for nothing. I certainly had jelly legs when I got back to the boat. In all a very tiring day so why I am awake at this time doing this blog......I should be fast asleep.


Anne said...

hope you are both feeling better....I am up early as I am off on the train to babyit J,s twins as she is unwell,,,just for today..

Halfie said...

Just catching up with all this - very sorry to hear of Eric's accident but glad he's back on board. I hope the recovery continues well. And now you've had a tooth out, Elsie! May you also soon be pain-free. Enjoy your leisurely cruise.

Elsie said...

Hi Anne,

I know you'll enjoy your granny anny day. Hope Josephine feels better soon. Love Elsie x

Hi Halfie,

We certainly remember Leamington Spa. Both looking forward to being pain free.Take care, Elsie

Les and Jaqueline Biggs said...

Wow-when it rains it pours! May you both have some speedy healing and well deserved rest. MY legs feel like jelly just reading your post!!

Elsie said...

Hi Jaq & Les, We're ok just done the flight of eight Stockton Locks so we're nearly back to narrow locks, just the three at Calcutt to go. I just have to make sure Eric just steers the boat! My mouth's feeling better too. Take care, Elsie & Eric