Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Three Locks Done.....Now Chilling!

This morning was time to move to pastures new, but first of all we had to go to the winding hole near Aldi's to turn around. Ben and I had a walk while Eric steered the boat. Then we got back on board to get to the bottom of Radford Bottom Lock where we climbed the three locks in total including two of the Fosse Flight of locks. Eric's job was to get the boat in the lock leaving any pulling, winding paddles and pushing lock gates to me. We managed fine with no other boats about to share the locks.

Above the locks we pulled in to the services at Fosse Wharf and got the water tank full to the top and the cassettes emptied. We're moored below the top lock at the end of the permit holders moorings and are now just chilling. Eric is fast asleep and snoring.........Ben is asleep  and not snoring. The sun is shining, the sky is blue,the birds are singing and  the sheep are bleating.......it's so much nicer than my noisy mooring in Leamington Spa.


artymess said...

Enjoy your chilling ...you deserve it .....x

Elsie said...

Thanks artymess. Plenty of time to cruise slowly so no need to rush anyway.

Take care, Elsie