Monday, June 11, 2012

Things Go Pear Shaped!

All was going well, we were enjoying the comparative peace and quiet above  Radford Bottom Lock with lots of bikes and dog walkers about as it was the weekend. In the evening peace was certainly shattered by the Leamington Peace Festival with loud music until 1.30 in the morning and then the boat starting tilting dramatically as the water levels had gone down.

That's when it all went pear shaped as Eric went out to loosen the ropes so we could float rather than tilt alarmingly. He fell backwards off the bow of the boat, one leg into the canal and his side made contact with the steel piling at the edge of the canal. I knew he'd hurt himself but I didn't realise how badly til the morning when he could hardly move without being in agony.

So we decided to get to Leamington Spa by boat and some hireboaters from Viking Afloat did the lock for me, and then it was just five bridges to the moorings in Leamington Spa. At the time it seemed a very long way. We then got a taxi to the nearest hospital with A & E facilities, which was Warwick. Within half an hour Eric was with the doctors and they did loads of tests, Xrays and scans which took several hours......he has three fractured ribs and some fluid on his lungs. But by half past four he  was tucked up safely in bed with painkillers on tap.  All I can say is .........excellent service from Warwick Hospital........where would we be without the NHS?


Julia - nb Poppy said...

Ouch! that sounds nasty & no doubt very painful, hope he will soon be on the mend & feeling better,

Julia & Mark

Anne said...

Thinking of you. hope you are on the mend soon.

Sue said...

Gosh, that sounds really painful. I do hope you feel better soon Eric.

You never know what is going to happen from one day to the next sometimes when boating.

Thinking of you both.

Kevin said...

Best wishes for a speedy recovery Eric.

Elsie said...

Hi Julia, Anne & Sue,

Thanks for the good wishes. We had changed our plans to go down to Stratford and then on down the Avon.....water levels permitting. Now we won't be going far until Eric's up to it as there's Hatton Locks between us and the Stratford Canal. Our daughter Clare has offered to come and help!

Take care, Elsie & Eric

Elsie said...

Thanks Kevin, I'll tell him when I visit tomorrow. take care, Elsie

Sue said...

OH he is in the hospital!!

Deary deary me.

I thought he was tucked up aboard.

Adam said...

Sounds nasty. Please give Eric our best.

Jaqueline Biggs said...

We are sorry to hear of this accident and wish Eric a speedy recovery. You take care as well.
Les & Jaq

Elsie said...

Adam, Thanks for the good wishes.

Jaq & Les, I'm fine. Will tell Eric about your good wishes.

Sue, yes he's in because of fluid on the lungs as well as the need to sort out pain relief.

Take care, Elsie x

Rick said...

Blimey Elsie, what a lousy thing to happen. We were both very sorry to read of Eric's catastrophe. Please give him our best wishes for a quick recovery, although I suspect broken ribs might just interfere with paddle winding.

Marion and Richard

Elsie said...

Hi Marion & Richard,

I usually do the paddle winding but it looks as though there'll be lots of jobs he won't be able to do for a while! We'll just take it even more leisurely than we usually do.

Take care, Elsie

Anonymous said...

Only just picked up on your blog, so sorry to hear of Eric's accident, our very best wishes for a speedy recovery.If you need any help, we at top of Hatton on our way to Stratford, will be only to pleased to assist. Maggie & Bernie