Monday, June 18, 2012

Things Are Looking Up.......Fingers Crossed

Clare arrived at Saturday lunch time on her motor bike, found a spot to chain it up and then came aboard to Ben's exited jumps and licks. Later we went to the hospital to see Eric by taxi as it was tipping down with rain.He looked tired and a bit spaced out but more his usual self.  It was a bit hectic as more visitors came in the form of Eric's sister, brother and nephew arrived but it was nice to see them. We left about four  o'clock to try the X17 bus back to was so quick we were there before we knew it.

On Sunday I took Ben for a walk before going into town with Clare to have a look around. I needed a few bits and pieces and Clare found a lovely top and some trousers in Dorothy Perkins.  We went back to the boat for some lunch and later caught the train to Warwick as it's even quicker than the bus, and there isn't a X17 Sunday service anyway. A taxi costs about £6.60 one doesn't make sense.

Eric looked so much better yesterday as he's had a really good sleep and didn't wake til after 9 o'clock. Perhaps he was allowed a Sunday lie in. He's also moved to another bay in the same ward away from the more critical patients. Hopefully he'll be home sometime today as long as his liver scan goes well. I've got my fingers crossed!


artymess said...

Elsie I am so sorry to hear of Eric's accident... .I have been without a computer so have only just got back on my blog .....I am pleased he is recovering what a terrible thing to happen .....sending my best wishes to all of you ...xx

Tom and Jan said...

Please pass on to Eric our best wishes for a speedy recovery.
Tom & Jan

Elsie said...

Hi Artymess,

Thanks for the good wishes. Accidents happen and he's ok, that's all that really matters.

Take care, Elsie

Hi Tom and Jan,

He's in recovery mode...watching the football on the TV!

Take care, Elsie