Saturday, June 16, 2012

Still Going Nowhere!

Eric's still in Warwick Hospital after his fall from the bow of the boat onto the pilings at the side of the canal. Apart from his three fractured ribs and a small tear in his liver, he has a chest infection! They are going to scan his liver on Monday so let's hope it's mending. He's very tired as it's difficult to sleep in hospital and then you get woken very early in the morning when you finally get to sleep. He's certainly much better in himself, sitting in the armchair and the morphine on tap has gone too.

My days have been busy with dog walking and visiting Eric but the nights are quiet. I've had to take the satellite dish off the roof as the wind is so strong it keeps blowing over and would probably end up dangling in the canal. I can also put up an aerial if there's anything I want to the moment it's a football free boat.

Today our daughter Clare is coming to stay overnight and visit her dad in hospital. It's Father's Day tomorrow so this year he'll have cards from all three daughters. His sister Paula is also making the trip so it'll be busy at his bedside to day.

Ben the dog doesn't quite know what's going on ............he looks and watches in the direction where he last saw Eric as if he's waiting for him to come back. He's been ever so good spending the afternoons on his own looking after the boat. There's plenty of bangs outside too, as over the fence from us is a noisy works.


Nb Yarwood said...

So Sorry to read about Eric's can be so easy to do! Best wishes for a speedy recovery Sir..

Yvonne said...

Having fallen on pilings myself a few years ago I can totally sympathise with Eric. I didn't break anything but the bruises were horrid! I'm sorry you'll have to change your plans, I was hoping to meet you in Statford, maybe next year.
Best wishes to you both

Sue Hunter said...

Sorry to hear about Eric's accident. Hope he'll soon be feeling better. Take it easy! SUE nb Beefur

Elsie said...

Hi Lesley,

Eric won't be tying the boat up for a while.Thanks for your good wishes.

Take care, Elsie

Hi Yvonne,

Am sure we'll meet up some time. maybe next year we'll get to Stratford.

Take care, Elsie

Hi Sue,

He'll feel better when he's out of hospital and getting some sleep. he's not used to being awake so early. We plan to take it very easy.

Take care , Elsie

Les and Jaqueline Biggs said...

We are holding you both in our thoughts and prayers Elsie. What a terrible trying time for you, and poor Eric! Hospitals are no place to get well--I hope he improves enough to come home soon.
Jaq & LesXX

Elsie said...

Hi Jaq & Les,

He's looking so much better and has plenty to say too. If he's moaning about the items in the newspaper he's feeling more himself.Thanks for your prayers, any help accepted.

Take are, Elsie & Eric