Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Somewhere In Between Braunston And Napton

Braunston Junction

Yesterday we cruised a little further down the North Oxford Canal and came to Hillmorton Locks where it was extremely busy and all the paired narrow locks were working too. The lock keeper was painting posts leaving everyone to their own devices. Before we started on the locks we filled up with water from the trickle that came out of the hose pipe, it took over an hour.

Once through the  narrow locks, we continued on our way finally stopping  between bridge 80 & 81, a favourite spot away from the M45 and quiet!  Also we knew it was a good spot for satellite as we wanted to watch the Jubilee Concert, which was excellent apart from some microphone problems making some voices sound quite odd.The boat got quite cold, we should have lit the fire but it was warm in bed.

In the morning the forecast rain didn't happen so we continued on our way to Braunston, giving it a miss this time as we turned right at the triangular junction with it's twin Horseley Iron Works towpath bridges onto the Oxford and Grand Union Canal. This canal connects the North Oxford and Grand Union Canals. We moored after bridge 100, another good spot just in time as it began to rain. Eric set up the satellite dish -yes more television viewing planned watching the Jubilee Celebrations in London.

Meanwhile I discovered the washing was still soaking wet as the machine had failed to spin. So I checked the pump filter under the cover at the front of the machine and found a specsaver glasses cleaner and a few coins causing the problem. All working now..... which I was very pleased about.

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