Saturday, June 02, 2012

A Shopping Cruise- Brinklow To Rugby

Passing All Oaks Wood near Brinklow
 The weather forecast said rain later today but it was dry when we got up but was drizzle by the time we were ready to go. On went the wet gear and Ben and I walked while Eric cruised. Ben enjoyed all the sniffs and smells and I didn't mind the mud! After an hour's walking it was back on the boat and we were heading for Newbold Tunnel with it's coloured lights which apparently go off at sunset so they don't disturb the bats according to the Pearson Guide.

The lights in Newbold Tunnel
Next stop was the delights of Tesco in Rugby, conveniently situated close to the canal. Soon the cupboards, fridge and freezer were replenished. We left Rugby to moor in a pleasant spot where you can see a viaduct over which  ran the  former Rugby and Stamford Railway. We just fitted in a space between two boats and the owners came out to say hello........not!

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