Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Plans Change Again!

Eric's still in Warwick Hospital although he seems more himself today. Don't know when he's coming out, they just say a few more days as he's had a high temperature and is now on intravenous antibiotics. Still on morphine and oxygen too. I've been travelling by rail for the princely sum of £1.05 return from Leamington to Warwick as the station is a short walk from the hospital. It's also near the canal so Warwick is the place to be if you need a hospital.

Yesterday Eric had surprise visitors to the hospital, our daughter Sally with her fiancee David. They came to see me on the boat too and kept Ben entertained playing ball along the boat. After tea they headed home as they're off on holiday on Thursday.

Today Eric and I  had a good chat and realise we won't be able to continue our planned trip as those ribs will take time to heal. So we'll leave the Rivers Avon and Severn for next year. Instead we are going to turn around and head slowly back to Napton Junction, Braunston, Hawkesbury Junction, Fradley Juncton .......... yes it's back the way we came.


nb Chance said...

Hi Elsie and Eric, so sorry to hear your news, we do hope Eric makes a speedy recovery and feels a bit more comfortable soon, it sounds like a terrible accident, and we wish him well

Best Wishes Doug and James

Linda said...

Hi there, sorry to hear about Eric's accident - hope he heal's quickly. At Acton Trussell, sitting out the wind, then will go to Tixall for a Fix for a few days, then heading to Fradley and the Coventry - will keep an eye out for you.

Best Wishes, Linda and Ebony

Elsie said...

Hi Doug & James,

Thanks for your good wishes. Looking better today (Sunday)..just very tired.

Take care, Elsie

Hi Linda,

Will look out for you but our progress will be dead slow and stop. thanks for your good wishes... I hope he heals quickly!

Take care, Elsie