Thursday, June 07, 2012

On The Grand Union Canal- Calcutt Locks

Eric waiting with the boat at Calcutt Locks
Yesterday (Wednesday) the weather was good when we started out along the Grand Union & Oxford Canal towards Napton Junction. We turned left onto the Grand Union at Napton Junction and first stop was the waterpoint just before Calcutt Top Lock. Of course it then absolutely poured down and my coat was on the boat until Eric gave it to me at the lock.

Our first taste of wide locks this year, we waited and waited but no other boats came. I'd forgotten just how heavy the big gates are although the paddle gear was well maintained. Just a flight of three so a gentle start to wide locks. We found a place to moor after Bridge 19, a spot previously marked on our guide book from an earlier visit to the Grand Union Canal. Lots more rain but we're nice and dry on  NB Bendigedig!

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