Saturday, June 09, 2012

Lots Of Locks.....Nearly As Far As Leamington

Bascote Locks on the Grand Union Canal
Yesterday we stayed put in Long Itchington. The wind was wild and it just rained for hours. Ben did get a short walk, he decided he didn't want to go any further in the rain!  We also found a local shop tucked away  near Itchington Bottom Lock for milk and bread. We could have gone into the village centre but a fifteen minute walk in the rain along a busy road didn't appeal.

Today the sun came out for a few minutes but we needed to move to empty and fill various receptacles. Ben and I walked for  a mile or more to Bascote Locks, the first two are a staircase. We read the notice on the lock balance beam and waited but we still ended up going down all the locks on our own  and we didn't see any traffic coming up the locks either. So it was a case of opening one gate and  working our way slowly down nine locks to stop on the outskirts of  Leomington. Here you can still hear the birds! 

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