Monday, June 25, 2012

The Last Double Locks......Calcutt Locks

Yesterday we had a lazy day, although Ben and I did go for a walk as usual. The boat stayed firmly attached to the bank as we watched the boats going past. Lots of old boats coming past from the Braunston Rally over the weekend. I cooked roast pork and we had a lovely Sunday lunch and Eric watched the F1 and the football in the evening. I'd prefer my book to watching sport anyday.

We met a few old boats at Calcutt Locks this morning and one unhappy women came marching down to us and told us off for turning the lock  on them. Firstly I can't see the top lock from the bottom one and secondly we arrived to find a half empty lock so just continued to empty it, although she made a point of telling us she didn't believe us. Why would I fill it if I couldn't see any boats coming down?  Another boat arrived to share the double lock and as we  worked through it and continued on our way into the next lock past the waiting pair of boats. Well you can't please everyone!

We stopped above Calcutt Top Lock (yippee the last double lock for me this year) and filled up with water before taking a left turn at Napton Junction and heading towards Braunston, stopping a few bridges away in the peace and quiet. We're on the section of canal shared by the Oxford and Grand Union Canals and I took this photo of cows specially for Liz. This is how I like to see them ........across the other side of canal or in a suitably fenced chance of any licking my hand!


Nick said...

Think the hand-lick was a one-off anyway! Or am I talking bullocks? N.

Elsie said...

Hi Liz & Nick,

There wasn't much to photograph...that's why I did the cows! Good comment though.