Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hillmorton And Beyond

Hillmorton Bottom Lock
Today we cruised from our mooring on the outskirts of Braunston towards Hillmorton Locks, a trio of paired narrow locks with several voluntary lock keepers to help out too. We arrived at the Top Lock to find a boat having difficulties with the side weir above the lock, which meant we were offside and couldn't get over to the towpath. We just stayed put until the next boat up came out of the offside lock, letting another boat use the towpath side lock which was open and ready to use.

Progress was quick today with a steady flow of boats in both directions meaning at least one of the pair of locks had open gates ready for use. After stopping to top up the water tank as the washing machine did a load as we cruised  we were on our way. We finally  moored up on the outskirts of Rugby, next to the golf course. Tomorrow  we need to go and get some food shopping in Rugby tomorrow by boat of course........Tesco's is near the canal at Bridge 58.

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