Friday, May 11, 2012

Ten More Locks To Acton Trussell

Locking through Penkridge- Filance Lock
Today I thought I'd ride my bike to Gailey with Ben the dog, while Eric steered the boat but I didn't get  all the way there as I had a was a thorn from the hawthorn hedge. I could actually hear the hiss as the tyre went flat when I removed the twig with thorn attached. Eric stopped to put the bike back onboard and Ben and I continued on foot.

We didn't stop at Gailey for water as a boat was getting diesel so the boats were three abreast with the hire boats and us stopping would have caused havoc by blocking the canal. We stopped at Penkridge instead. We also stopped at Midland Chandlers and bought some spares for the Thetford cassettes.

The weather is certainly unsure what to do, we've had heavy rain and cold winds interspersed with a few spells of sunshine. Eric found it cold on the back of the boat and the wind didn't make boating easy but we worked through ten locks today and moored up near Acton Trussell where a hedge protected us from the wind.

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Nick said...

Hi Elsie - suggest you look for "Slime" - I got some in Wilkinsons. You squirt it into the inner tubes and if something penetrates through the tyre, the green goo automatically seals the hole to get you home. In theory you only find out about the puncture by seeing fluorescent green goo on the surface of your tyre.
Cheers, Nick.