Monday, May 21, 2012

Sunday On The Move....The Coventry Canal

On Sunday we picked up the papers at Morrisons and we were off for a walk and  a cruise. We left Rugeley behind with dog walkers galore and passed the loo place after the narrows at Armitage. It was going to be slow today as we were following a very slow dutch barge behind another boat and everytime something came the other way the dutch barge moved to the right and pulled in so the passing boat had to go the wrong side past him causing chaos........I think he was avoiding overhanging vegetation! One by one the convoy of boats following him pulled in and moored.......there's only so far you can go on tickover!

Loos galore!

After lunch we needed to get a move on as we wanted to get to the Ashby Canal for Thursday as Eric is going to a funeral somewhere in Leicestershire on Friday. We spotted the dutch barge in Kings Bromley Marina. So we headed for the chaos that Fradley Junction on a Sunday afternoon bring but it wasn't chaos. The two locks down to the junction where ready for us and willing helpers were offering to raise paddles and open the gates for us.......can't fault it.

The Swan aka 'The Mucky Duck'

We turned right at the junction onto the Coventry Canal and stopped for water as the washing machine had been busy as we cruised.  Tanks full and emptied we continued a little further to moor up a few bridges away from Streethay Wharf where a new marina seems to be in the process of being built although work has come to a standstill. Don't know why as the basin is dug but not connected to the canal.

We stopped here because there's some Armco to moor against and it's far enough away from the incredibly noisy A38!  A fairly quiet night was had by all.


Halfie said...

Do you mean the Dutch barge moved to the left? (I've been trying to work this out)

No Direction said...

Yes this is confusing me as well.