Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Still On The Ashby Canal

Near Congerstone
Nothing much happening on the Ashby Canal as we  cruise in the sunshine for a couple of hours and then find a mooring place and stop until the next day. We spent a comparatively quiet night near Congerstone only disturbed by the peep peep of car horns as they approached the narrow canal bridge in the morning.

Yesterday we moved on to get water at Bosworth Wharf before we cruised to Sutton Cheyney Wharf to use the facilities there. We had a no steering moment as we moored up with some rubbish round the prop, mainly plastic, rope and a bungee! We were glad it wasn't something bigger. All the jobs done and ready to go again we cruised to moor at Stoke Golding, a nice quiet spot away from roads so only the birds would wake us up.

I'm enjoying the lock free cruising but soon we'll be doing those Atherstone Locks again as we head back to Fazeley Junction and the Birmingham and Fazeley Canal.......definately unexplored territory for us. 

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