Friday, May 04, 2012

Still Going Nowhere! (Update)

Well we're still going nowhere, RCR called this morning and asked us to email a photo of the Aquadrive to confirm it's a model with a ten year  guarentee. That done another phonecall to say they're coming to remove the Aquadrive and get it repaired. Don't know how long it'll take.......maybe Bank Holiday at Hack Green!

RCR came and removed the Aquadrive and it was taken to a firm near news since so it looks like we're still going nowhere.


Alf said...

If you fancy a walk, theres a good cafe at Overwarer Marina not too far in front of you !

artymess said...

Oh dear Elsie......:(

Elsie said...

Hi Alf,

I'll be cycling or walking back to Nantwich tomorrow to get some milk and bread. Didn't plan this stop! Out walking everday with Ben up towards Audlem, lovely marina at Overwater.

Take care, Elsie

Hi Artymess,

We're Ok! Just a bit disappointed we didn't get to Audlem and we are just stuck here til they finish the repair.

Take care, Elsie