Thursday, May 10, 2012

On The Staffs & Worcs Canal

Today we left Wheaton Aston, working through the lock, after waiting in a short queue. The wind made getting into the lock difficult but Eric managed it.There  was already a queue of boats waiting to come down the lock as most of the traffic was heading towards Norbury Junction.

Ben and I had a very muddy walk after all the rain in the night. It was boots off for me and washed feet for Ben, when we got back on the boat at the Aqueduct. Then it was slowly past all the moored boats before We stopped at Brewood just to do a shop. We needed some fresh fruit and veg and Coopers had what we wanted.

Back on the boat we travelled to Autherley Junction, just the stop lock to do and it was turn left onto the Staffs  and Worcs Canal heading towards Great Haywood. The lock only has a shallow drop so it's sometimes difficult to see if it needs filling or emptying.  There was a boat coming out of the Pendeford Rockins, a narrow section of the canal, so we waited until the boat came out. After that it was under the M54 and under the A449 with all their noise before going back into countryside again.

We stopped just after Coven in a favourite spot with two other boats (their favourite spot too!) and the rain came down, but it didn't last long.

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