Thursday, May 31, 2012

Moored At Sutton Stop, Oxford Canal

Moored on the Oxford Canal

Liz & Nick's present in use

Eric at The Greyhound (after lunch)

The stop lock at Sutton Stop

That bridge

Some sights at Sutton Stop
If you're wondering how we come to be moored near Sutton Stop aka Hawkesbury Junction, we had a change of plan. We chickened out of doing the Birmingham and Fazeley Canal at it's a Bank Holiday weekend and half term. So instead of a right turn at Marston Junction at the end of the Ashby Canal, we went left.

Arriving at the waterpoint we filled up, did the cassettes and got rid of rubbish as well as a pop to the nearest shop in search of fruit. We found 5 bananas and four apples and that cleared out the shop of fruit. We'll need to stock up at Rugby when we get there.

Going through the stop lock and onto the Oxford Canal I said to Eric that Les & Jaq on NB Valerie had mentioned delicious pies in The Greyhound. So to cut a long story short we had lunch in the Greyhound and sampled the pies and the beer. I agree .......I had chicken, bacon and butterbean pie and Eric had steak and ale.........delicious and there followed a lazy afternoon, in fact Eric's now asleep!

Thanks Nick and Liz for the delightful  mooring pin can't miss them!

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artymess said...

that is a cute mooring pin cover with the little duck on the top ......pretty canal ...x