Thursday, May 24, 2012

Moored At Bosworth Wharf

On the Asby Canal
We cruised as far as Bosworth Wharf, near Market Bosworth and found a space to moor. In the afternoon I took a bus ride into town and walked back with some milk and tomatoes. a pleasant enough walk down hill but I couldn't face the uphill walk in the heat. Back on the boat we continued to melt in the heat, outside others were sitting in their chairs enjoying the sun!


artymess said...

yes the heat gets me too .but i am not grumbling ...drove back from Wales today the poor dog in the car i had all the windows open but she was still puffing and panting.....x

Elsie said...


I know I shouldn't grumble but we seem to be having extremes of weather. Inside the boat gets hot with all the windows and doors open unless there's a breeze.

Take care, Elsie