Sunday, May 06, 2012

Lots Of Locks To Cox Bank

Eric heading for Lock 14 (Audlem Flight)
We woke this morning to sunshine, such a lovely day too. We were pleased to be on the move after our breakdown meant we had to stay put. If you decide to stay somewhere it's a diferent matter to when you have to stay put. Ben and I enjoyed a walk alongside the boat and then had a ride to the bottom of Audlem Locks. We worked through two then stopped for water, while it was filling I went to the Coop for some bits and pieces and Eric sorted out the rubbish and cassettes.

Up another lock and past the Shroppie Fly on our way to Cox Bank above lock 3. We worked through thirteen locks in all and don't we know it, we're certainly out of practice with lock wheeling. As we relaxed on the boat voices came from a passing holiday boat....."Dad what do we do about the lock?" said some boys......."You'll have to get the spanners out" said the dad! It certainly made us smile.


Jaqueline Biggs said...

So glad to hear all is well and you are on the move again.

Elsie said...

Hi Jaq & Les,

Thanks for your good wishes. Heading for Great Haywood now so I can go see my girls and my dad.

Take care, Elsie & Eric