Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Drips Drips And Even More Drips!

On Tuesday we stayed put in Stoke Golding and enjoyed a day of glorious sunshine with the solar panels giving us all the power we needed so we didn't need to run the engine. I'd hoped to get a haircut in the salon up the hill but no luck as they're fully booked this week. Even the planned walk on a footpath to the village didn't happen as the route was through a very full field of cows, by choice Ben and I don't do cows!We just went a different way to get the much needed bread and milk.

On Wednesday we decided to move and it was the usual routine as I walked for an hour with Ben while Eric cruised. Near Hinckley we climbed aboard as we needed to get fuel in the Marina. That done we were on our way.

Later we moored up and thought all was well........and spotted ( and felt) all the ants climbing over my feet and up Eric's trousers so we moved a few bridges further ants, satellite TV set up and all OK. And then we had a very heavy rain storm with thunder and lightening, Ben hid as usual and we just sat and chatted. Eric felt water dripping on his head and we looked and found two places where water was coming in, so its either the sealant around the chimney or a mushroom or both. Next job then is to replace the sealant.

Meanwhile the steady drip off the corner under the roof slide hatch continues to drip despite resealing while we were at Tixall's finding it's way in somewhere and a sponge is catching the drips. So in all avery drippy boat!


artymess said...

Oh Dear Elsie ..lets hope it doesn't rain too much for you before it's repaired ......x

Elsie said...

Plastic bags over the offending mushroom seems to have done the stuck until we find a chandlers that sells sealant. No drips inside today!Just wet outside.

Take care, Elsie