Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Cruising- Gnosall To Wheaton Aston

Coming through Cowley Tunnel

We spent a quiet night at Gnosall, apart from the noisy crows at four o'clock in the morning and their deposits on the boat. Eric got a Freeview signal so we watched that as he couldn't get a satellite signal with all the trees. We bought this gadget from It's got 27866R-UHF/DVBT Signal Finder on the box.You join the aerial cable to it and rotate the aerial on the pole until you get a green light. Usually we have no idea which way to point the aerial!

A late start after yesterday's long day and we cruised to Wheaton Aston stopping to get diesel at Turners where at about 79p for 0%. We usually claim 20% propulsion, making it a bit dearer but 117 litres cost £101 so I'm not grumbling. Ben and I had a three mile walk according to the mileposts, but the last mile seemed a lot longer.

There was actually a mooring space after the bridge so we moored up to await the rain. It came as we reached the boat after a walk to the local shop.


Yvonne said...

Hi Elsie,
You can get a good idea of which way the satellite is from this website

Elsie said...

Hi Yvonne,

Eric doesn't have any trouble finding the satellite as it's always in the same place. It's was finding Freeview when there are too many trees to get satellite we had a problem with.

Take care, Elsie