Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Cruising- Cox Bank To Gnosall

Locking Through Addersley Locks
Pig Heaven
We decided on  a marathon journey today as we need to be in Great Haywood next week and the weather forecast was good. Up with the larks and away by nine- a feat in itself. Then two locks to complete the Audlem flight.

Ben and I walked to Addersley  while Eric steered the boat. Luckily the wind had dropped and he didn't end up across across the canal as did yesterdays boaters. A steady stream of boats coming towards us meant some help at the locks and the ability to leave the top gates open for the next boat.

We passed the pig sleeping at the lock side before reaching the top lock where there's a stall for the Addersley Farm Shop. I bought some meat and potato pies £ 2.50 each but delicious when we finally got around to eating them.After Addersley I had a ride to Market Drayton where we stopped to top up the water as I'd done a wash load on the way.

Next stop Tyrley where the fun began. The pound between the two bottom locks has a rock shelf making it impossible to moor up and a sign on the lock beams warning do not moor in the pound, but one of the boats ahead of us ignored it and got stuck. It took four bodies to push him off and tell him what to do as he was new to boating.

The next boat read the notice and waited in the lock until the next one was ready just as we did. So eventually we were on our way. Woodseaves Cutting showed evidence of small landslides and the one that closed the navigation was marked by large buoys where the width was reduced. The towpath was the usual linear bog..........definitely a wellies situation.

Lots of moored boats between Woodseaves and Grubb Street Cuttings so it was a go slow area. We arrived at Norbury to find no room at the inn or should a say moorings. There were some spaces if the boats didn't have half boat length spaces separating them........don't they like each other? They don't seem to share mooring rings anymore.

We continued to Gnosall and found a space- definitely an evening meal for us today.......must be getting posh! .......but no serviettes or wine glasses and no wine either!  Eight hour cruising means we're cream knackered.......Goodnight.

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JeaneBee said...

Beautiful photos of a beautiful country. Its wonderful to know that there are still serene and peaceful places in the world.