Thursday, May 03, 2012

Busy Going Nowhere-RCR To The Rescue!

This morning we walked up to Nantwich Chandlery to get some oil filters  but ended up with just one. They had a couple of pipe fenders as we'd lost one in the locks. Then we planned a trip to Coole Pilate Leisure Area and a quiet afternoon, but it was not to we approached Hack Green Locks there were strange clunks in the engine hole.We got through one lock and then the drive died in the middle of the pound........we always wanted to stay at Hack Green.......thank goodness for long ropes so I could pull the boat across.

In the pound.......going nowhere

A call to RCR and they'll be here in a few hours, we're third in the queue for this area, so someone else is having a good day too. Attempted a walk with Ben the dog but as he could hear gunshots or a bird scarer he wouldn't go further than the top lock. Been here three hours already so getting a bit fed up!

RCR came after four hours but after working for two hours they couldn't get the Aquadrive to grip the shaft. Eric and I  became work horses to pull the boat as we needed to get the boat out of the pound and up the top lock to moor on the visitor moorings. Apparently we'll get a phone call in the morning about the repairs. So we did get to stay at Hack Green after all.......and I don't know how long we'll be stuck here!

Hack Green Top Lock
At the top lock there is an information board telling you about Hack Green Secret Bunker which is now open to the public and no longer secret.


Halfie said...

The "secret" bunker is well worth a visit while you're there. Hope your drive problem gets sorted OK.

Anonymous said...

We do sympathise, we are at the bottom of Bosley locks with no starter motor taken away by RCR on wednesday late pm hope to be out this pm . Hope you get sorted quicker. The bunker is worth visit.
Judith & John nb Serena

Elsie said...

Hi Halfie,
It looks like we're here at Hack Green for the weekend! Hopefully we'll be moving again soon.
Take care, Elsie & Eric

Hi Judith & John,
It looks as though we're stuck here....not where we planned to be but we have food, water and are able to charge the batteries so we shouldn't grumble.
Take care, Elsie & Eric

Yvonne said...

The gun shots come from a new shooting range just opposite Coole Pilate moorings and they're really loud there, our dog was a bit spooked too

Elsie said...

Hi Yvonne,

Doesn't take much to spook Ben but it seems to be all quiet in the mornings which is our usual walking time.

Take care, Elsie