Monday, April 30, 2012

Wild And Windy ......Bye Bye Wrenbury

Approaching Baddiley Lock( which one?)
We woke this morning to windy weather, OK it wasn't raining but it's not easy moving a narrowboat in the wind. First of all I had to go and open the electric lift bridge and cause havoc by holding up the traffic......only three cars today. Ben and I then walked on to open the next lift bridge but it was open so we went through. A few bridges on we got back on the boat as I knew there was a bog before the Baddiley Locks. Eric struggled to get into the side with the wind blowing the boat across the cut and it wasn't easy getting into the top lock. We continued our walk working through the next two locks and able to leave the bottom gates open for the next boat coming up. After Swanley Locks we moored up as Eric wanted to restick the wooden panel on one of the back doors and now it's got screws as well to keep it well and  joined to the metal door. So jobs done, time to cook the tea.

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