Saturday, April 28, 2012

Whitchurch To Grindley Brook

Just a short cruise yesterday to a mooring above Grindley Brook. Ben and I walked working two lift bridges on the way,  definately a mud and puddles morning. At Viking Afloat where we stopped to get some Excel, the hire boats were breasted up so they brought the coal across the boats to us. Just one more lift bridge by the Whitchurch Arm and we continued to Grindley Brook Visitor Moorings where there was plenty of room to moor.

In the afternoon we walked down to the garage near the locks to get some engine oil as they sell Morris Oils, so Eric can do a service when it's due. We were lucky as we missed the rain but it emptied down when we got back to the boat.

At the locks the lock keeper was bored with so few boats going through, let's hope it's no queues tomorrow either because we've got quite a few to do to get to Wrenbury.

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