Friday, April 13, 2012

What Happened On Thursday

On Thursday morning we were up and ready to go down to the Dry Dock at Whixall to see what was going on as we didn't know when the boat was going in ......either Thursday, Friday or whenever! There's a distinct lack of keeping the customer informed and we found no room for us to put the boat as the two available spaces were filled and a welder working on a boat which was due to be blacked before ours.

Now what do we do? We couldn't stay where we were......moored across the diesel pump mooring and according to the signs the shop/office was shut. A phone call was answered by a machine but luck was on our side as a man appeared and let himself into the office......Eric made a dash to catch him before he left. We arranged a  visitor mooring until Maestermyn get their act together!

At least Enterprise Rent A Car came up trumps and called to confirm the pick up I'd arranged from Whixall Marina. We were concerned because when I arranged it they weren't sure they could do it. But it would be really awkward to get to Shrewsbury, I had visions of Eric cycling to Prees Railway Station to catch a train!

The car had satellight navigation once we'd sorted out how it worked but once we got to the A49 we knew the way. The sat nav wanted us to use the motorways but it's a more pleasant journey and easier to stop for doggy comfort breaks on the A roads.

We arrived at Clare's house, she's  putting up with us until the boat's ready .......glad to have a busy day over.

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