Saturday, April 28, 2012

Ten Locks To Wrenbury

Going down the Grindley Brook staircase locks

Ben tied up to keep the lock keeper happy

Today we filled up with water, emptied cassettes and got rid of the rubbish before working through Grindley Brook Locks. I rang my dad and he thought Grindley Brook was a strange place name, so I sent him a picture postcard of the locks. The first three are a staircase and the lock keeper operates a three boats up three down policy but we were in luck we didn't have to wait at all. He told Eric he liked the cill because he kept the boat back in the lock, but he is always aware of the cill so wasn't that close. I had to tie Ben up to keep the lock keeper happy but once we were down the staircase, Ben didn't need tying up.

The boats were congregating in the pound below the staircase waiting their turn. Although they should be able to see us coming down the boaters working the next lock down shut the gates on us even though we left ours open for them. In the short time it took us to get there the lock had partly emptied so I had to refill it. The next one down had also emptied itself through leaky gates. It's just as well there's not a water shortage on the Llangollen Canal as the water comes from the River Dee at Horseshoe Falls and takes it all the way to the Hurleston where it keeps the reservoir full and feeds the Shropshire Union Canal.

Ben and I had our morning walk, working through locks on the way, mosty full and ready for us. Eric had to wait while I refilled Willey Moor Lock as we now had a boat in front of us. The pub had just opened but we didn't stop, feeling cold in the wind we didn't need a cold drink. We continued on our way as we wanted to moor up in Wrenbury and stay put tomorrow because the weather forecast is not good. Yes we found a space for NB Bendigedig and after ten locks and lots of walking I'm suitably cream crackered........I should sleep tonight!

Waiting at Willey Moor Lock


artymess said...

Looks peaceful .....have cruised a narrowboat Wrenbury way ...a long time ago .. hope it's not too windy this evening.....x

Terence said...

Awesome and lovely pictures.

Elsie said...

Hi Artymess,

It was peaceful,probably quieter than usual due to the weather!

Hope you're OK leaving that classroom behind!

Take care, Elsie

Hi Terence, glad you like the photos. I usually forget to take the camera when I'm walking the dog.

Take care, Elsie