Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Short Cruise & No Rain!

That tree again!

This morning we woke to rain and were unsure whether to move or not as there was no wind. We decided to go at 11am when it stopped......but for how long? Ben and I walked from Prees Junction to the outskirts of Whitchurch working the two lift bridges on the way, about four miles in all and it didn't rain at all. It waited until we were moored up by our favourite tree and then lashed down for the rest of the afternoon. The hireboats are out in force stuck to deadlines of where they need to be when. We are so lucky to have time to do as we please.

Eric's been down the engine hole as the Travelpower generator  V belt was shredding(again), so it's replaced let's hope this one lasts longer. He wonders whether he's been keeping it too tight so this time it's looser. Anybody have the same problem with their Beta 43 engine? The other belts are fine.

It's still raining cats and dogs but we're fine, nice and cosy on NB Bendigedig.


Yvonne said...

Roger says it's usually misalignment of the pulleys that causes shredding rather than it being a tension issue.
Hope this helps

Anonymous said...

Thanks Yvonne, will tell Eric.