Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Slow Boat To Ellesmere

Looking down the Ellesmere Arm

Today we decided it was time to get some food in, the fridge and freezer had been emptied so we wouldn't need to be plugged in while the boat was in the dry dock. So it was back to Ellesmere, but it was the longest journey ever following a very slow boat going back to Blackwater Marina. There is a limit on how far you want to travel on just above tickover so Eric's patience was getting a bit thin.

We turned down the Ellesmere Arm to find a space, luck was with us as it's at the top of the Arm which means we can get satellite TV. It's nice to be next to a hard edge as there's plenty of mud on the grassy sections of towpath and the gritty sections leave a grey film on the boat. It emptied down with hail stones as we moored up, even Ben was soaked and happy to have a rub down with a towel. Eric had to change his jeans too.

We filled the fridge and freezer at the very convenient Tesco so we just need some tins, jars, boxes for the cupboard and a mega supply of dog food of course. We not planning to move for a few days  (RELAX!) and then we're back in cruising mode.


Rick said...

Hi Elsie,
Ellesmere Arm looks as though it has had a wash and brush up, or is it my imagination?
Are you sticking to your plan and going down to Fazeley? If so we are on the Ashby at present but will soon be back on the Coventry. Will keep a look out.

Elsie said...

Hi Richard, Hope you and Marion are well. We plan to be in Great Haywood about the third week of May as we need to get our three monthly prescriptions from Newport. Other than that we don't know where we'll be on the 'plan'.
Will keep a look out for Cartref!
Take care, Elsie & Eric

Terence said...

Hope that you will have a great trip.