Sunday, April 08, 2012

Happy Birthday Gwenllian

Today is Easter Sunday and Gwenllian's 4th birthday is today too. Those four years have certainly flown by as it doesn't seem that long since I caught the train to be there with Lisa for the baby's arrival. I didn't quite make it and arrived an hour after her delivery but it was great to see the new arrival and her mum. She's certainly changed Lisa's life as children do!


Rick said...

Hello Elsie, Just read the details of your proposed trips this year. We are heading up the GU, then the Coventry and probably down the Staffs and Worcester so will keep a lookout for you.

We have decided to do without marinas and may be looking into wintering up in Llangollen. Darn place is like a virus, gets into your blood.

Marion and Richard,
NB Cartref

artymess said...

Cute happy birthday Gwenllian ....I haven't any grandchildren yet... my eldest is 32 its about time now ....must be wonderful ...x

Elsie said...

Hi Marion & Richard, Nice to hear from you. Where are you know, still on the Macc.Eiddwen & Alan are in Billings Marina but I don't know where they are going this year. Yes we love the Llangollen Canal, hope to see you on your travels. Love Elsie & Eric

Elsie said...

Hi Artymess, I've just one grandchild and my daughters are 30, 36 and 38! Take care, Elsie