Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Cruising Again To Prees Junction

Yesterday we walked the muddy towpath in the rain to get some shopping so we would be ready for our move today. Ben had a walk in the rain too! Today we were up and ready to go by ten o'clock........we're not into early starts and we didn't have that far to go anyway. It took forever to fill up with water as the taps are slow at BW Ellesmere and at last we were ready to go.

Lots of boats on the move today so we had to wait for a space in the line heading towards Hurleston. Progress was slow for Eric, Ben and I walked for an hour or more and then got back on board to make a sandwich and a drink. We arrived at the long straight to Prees Junction following a boat zig zagging its way along the canal with a child steering. We pulled in just before the Junction on  a short section of Armco and the rain came down, followed by hail stones. We were moored up just in time.

Not far to go now as we're going down to Whixall Marina where Maestermyn Marine Ltd has a dry dock.


Just had to add a photo this morning, the sky is blue and the birds are singing.........all is good!

Our mooring......this morning

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