Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bye Bye Ellesmere

The crane and derelict wharehouse on the Ellesmere Arm

Today we left Ellesmere, the cupboards, freezer and fridge are full and we need to move or should I say we want to move.Before we left we popped to the hardware shop to get some sticks and a new shopping trolley as the wheels on mine had died from overwork! We've enjoyed our stay in Ellesmere, Ben loves the walks and yesterday we walked in the woodland paths near the Mere. So it's day one of our Summer Cruise!

First stop of course was the BW Services for the filling and emptying jobs.Usually it takes an age to fill up the water tank but it was quicker today. Then we were off, the boat is going well with the new propeller and the vibration on the tiller has almost stopped. We've already acquired some scrapes as  some boats coming down the Ellesmere Arm made good contact and what annoyed us more is that they failed to even acknowledge they'd hit us.....we heard the bangs!

Ben and I had a good walk alongside the boat, and jumped back on at a bridge hole. Most of the boat traffic is going towards Llangollen so we met loads of boats, some in awkward places, bridge holes on sharp bends. We moored up after about three hours near Prees Junction.

Before tea I took Ben for a walk on Whixall Moss but due to it being the breeding season for a birds he had to stay on a lead, but he didn't mind as he loves to be out. Eric thought I'd got lost but I always keep to the waymarked tracks and follow the map provided in little boxes at the various entrances to the Mosses. Ben's now asleep......I think he enjoyed his walk.

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