Saturday, April 07, 2012

Busy Doing Nothing Much!

A motorbike on a boat

The world is passing us by as we sit tucked in by the oak tree near Ellesmere, by the world I mean boats everywhere hurrying by on their Easter trips. Yes we've been hit, it's unavoidable when there's so many novices and so many boats passing by. They're unsure of which side of the canal they should be on and then get too close to the offside and get stuck in the mud. What amazes is me is the other boats who pass them by and could so easily help. The dog walkers are out in their droves but it's a bit quieter here than on the Ellesmere Arm or the Visitor Moorings.

A view of the BW Yard at Ellesmere

Not much going on but we seem to have been busy, Eric had to seal the roof mushrooms as we had drips on the kitchen floor in the heavy rain and I've been dog walking in familiar haunts with Ben the dog. His favourite place is the Nature Reserve with lots of tracks, trees to water and lots of smells to sniff.

The path from the canal to the Nature Reserve
Spring in the Nature Reserve

We've been stocking up the store cupboard with tins and dog food to keep us going for a while until we find another big store near the canal on our travels. Of course we've got the stay in the dry dock so we can't stock up the freezer and fridge yet. We'll make a trip back to Ellesmere to do that after we've left the dry dock. Enterprise should be picking us up at Whixall Marina if all goes to plan, so we'll have a car for a week  which makes a pleasant change. It's my dad's 85th birthday so it's celebration time.

The Mere at Ellesmere

Good Friday came and went without Hot Cross Buns! Sold out in Tesco and I didn't venture into the other shops in Ellesmere as I had a trolley full of shopping already. I suppose it was good for the figure which I am trying to reduce slowly. I have been hitting the charity shops getting some reading matter to keep me going on our travels and giving them books back so there's room on the book shelf above the bed head.

Ben's had his annual visit to the Blakemere Veterinary Centre in Ellesmere for his check up, boosters, worming tablets and flea treatments to keep the dreaded ticks off him. We aren't registered there but they are friendly and  by chance we've seen the same vet the last three years running! Ben is just below his ideal weight so he much be getting enough exercise and not too much food, although he's never been a greedy dog and his food stays in his dish until he wants to eat it.

It's raining at the moment so I'll be donning the wet gear for the morning walk......I suppose I shouldn't complain about the mud as we really do need the rain.


Yvonne said...

I've just found your blog and am so glad I did. We're heading for Ellesmere on Sunday and need to get our dog's vaccinations done, so your recommendation was very timely. Thanks.
best wishes
Yvonne & Roger
Fizzical Attraction

Elsie said...

Hi Yvonne & Roger, Here's their phone number in case you want to ring to make an appointment 01691622201, Take care Elsie

Yvonne said...

Thanks, we had a walk up to find out where they are but I forgot to take the phone no.