Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Brrr It's Cold In Ellesmere, Shropshire

Yesterday we left our mooring below New Marton Locks and headed for Ellesmere keen to get there before the forecast snow and high winds. Ben and I enjoyed our walk along the grassy towpath, lots of primroses growing wild too. On the way we popped in to Maestermyn to confirm everything was OK for our boat blacking as we'd not heard from them. So it's all arranged and we're off to Newport while all the work's being done. We did it ourselves last time and I said never again.....the smell of Comastic is yuk!

Ellesmere is packed with moored boats and overnight the snow came but it was washed away by teatime. Ben and I went for a slushy walk in the sleety rain this morning up along the canal towpath and through the Nature Reserve to the Mere. He was filthy by the time we got back. Eric and I popped into town and sampled the Black Lion's lunch menu, we've had better food there in the past. Then we picked up a few bits in Tesco's before returning go a nice warm boat for a lazy afternoon once Eric found a TV signal.

We'd had a rocking and rolling afternoon with the speed the boats are passing moored boats. Hopefully it'll quieten down soon!

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