Friday, April 20, 2012

Back On Board......Need To Relax!

Nicely painted tunnel scratches yet!

We'd had a hectic week filled with dog walking, shopping, visiting family and being visited as well as meals out. Now we're ready to get back to relax mode. Today Ben was walked by eight in the morning and we were ready to head back to Whixall Marina as NB Bendigedig was back in the water with a new black bottom. We'd also had the propeller changed back to the original size (18x12), tunnels bands repainted and anodes fitted.

It took us three hours to get back with a short stop in Craven Arms for comfort breaks. Ben was a very good boy but his hair gets all over the boot so the car needed a valet before we could take it back as they make a hefty charge if there's any pet hair! It's cheaper to get it hoovered out ourselves.

Back on the boat we filled the fuel tank up (good price at Whixall) and headed up the Prees Arm and moored just after Prees Junction. Ben and I walked and did the two lift bridges so now it's satellite signal found, fire lit and RELAX!

Our daughter Clare will come home from work and find a quiet've got your house back Clare! Thanks for putting up with us, see you soon.

Ben and the boat


artymess said...

It's lovely to visit but it is good to be home isn't it ?...x

Elsie said...

Yes......nothing like your own bed!