Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Update- Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday

Over the weekend Eric's uveitis (inflammation of a layer in the eye) got progressively worse so on Monday morning he accompanied Lisa and Gwenllian on the train back to Newport to see the doctor again! A hospital appointment was arranged and he should be back today, so I'm been home alone other than my four legged best pal Ben. Not that I've been without any other company as NB Henry with Liz and Nick onboard is next door.

Liz and I have continued our morning walks with Ben and Connie, walking routes we've done many times before so any pictures I post you'll have seen before unless you are one of my new followers. Hello to 'Aunty Mary' ....I hear you're now enjoying looking at some boaters' blogs and  hope you're having a good day.

Valle Crucis Abbey in the sunshine, it was misty today!

On Monday we walked the Valle Crucis circuit  which was not so muddy as it often is, the  streams alongside the road were quite dry too as we walked back down the hill to the canal. Ben and Connie had a great time and Liz and I enjoyed a good chat as well as the lovely scenery.  Only a few more weeks and we'll be leaving ......I know I'll miss those welsh hills but we'll be back.

On Tuesday we headed for the hills and climbed up along the edge of Cae Madog Wood alongside scree covered slopes with views over Berwyn. We followed a route skirting Barber's Hill, but as it was misty views were limited. I've yet to get up there in the sunshine, the mist was supposed to clear by lunchtime but it didn't. At the roads highest point we followed a bridleway down into Llangollen, the route becoming steeper as we walked down. Across two fields and we were back in Llangollen......heading for the cake shop! I had a piece of rocky road while Liz had bought muffins and we didn't eat them until we were back on the boats. Our treat after walking for over three hours.

On Wednesday it was a flat walk back from Trevor to Llangollen along the towpath. Castell Dinas Bran was shouded in mist but we saw lots of lambs, a woodpecker busy making a hole with the loud tapping sound and some escapee sheep on the towpath! back on the boat in time for lunch and a lazy afternoon.

Eric's just phoned, he's on his way back after having a steroid injection in his eye and a new prescription for some different drops. He tried two chemists and couldn't get the prescription made up so hopefully the chemist in Llangollen will get them for him.
UPDATE: Eye drops and eye cream in stock.....well done to the chemist! Eric's eye looks a lot better and he's not in pain today (Thursday)


artymess said...

Oh dear Elsie poor Eric that sounds nasty ......just catching up on my blog reading ....I enjoy your walks in the hills ...x

Elsie said...

Thanks Artymess, he's feeling a lot better today as the pain has gone. They told him not to drive, but he couldn't he can't see clearly enough!