Wednesday, March 07, 2012

An Unexpected Train Journey

Eric woke up on Sunday with his usual eye problem (uveitis) so when I returned from my walk with Ben the dog I got on the laptop to looks up trains and bus times to get him back to south Wales. As I've said before it's easier to get to see a doctor in Newport as it's an open surgery with no appointment system in the mornings. Sunday's bus service is hourly but I managed to sort a bus to Ruabon at 15.07 and a train at 15.55 so Eric was on his way after Sunday lunch. Thanks to daughter Clare for providing a place to lay his head. On Monday he visited the doctor and got the required eye drops and within 24 hours he was back in Llangollen.

On Monday I took Ben for a shortish walk before going in to Wrexham to get Specsavers to look at my glasses frames. There was a strange gap between the sections of metal and they just replaced the frames....can't grumble about fuss, no hassle and I was on my way to do a bit of shopping before going back to Ben waiting for me on the boat. Eric arrived home half an hour after me.

On Tuesday I decided on a hilly walk where Ben could have a good run off his lead. It's been busy along the towpath with walkers, dogwalkers and cylists galore going past the boats, keeping Ben entertained. Lots of walkers on the hills too looking at maps deciding which way to go to get up onto Trevor Rocks and I was able to help them as I've been up there with Liz and Connie.

Stan's of Llangollen has opened........I wonder what affect it will have on the lovely independent shops here in Llangollen. It would be a great pity if any of them were forced out of business.

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