Thursday, March 22, 2012

Trevor Rocks With Nick And Connie

Today Eric went on a day trip to Newport for an eye clinic appointment and the good news is he has to gradually reduce the steroid eye drops as his eye is much better. He hasn't got to go back unless he has a problem and then he has to ring for an urgent appointment rather than go to his doctor first.  He's on his way back courtesy of Arriva Trains as I write this blog.

As Liz was going shopping today in Wrexham, Nick had dog wallking duties so we went for a lovely walk on a circular route taking in two levels of Trevor Rocks. He took us by car to the car park (once we got Ben in the car- he was off down the road rather than get in the boot with Connie) and from there we walked the lower level of Trevor Rocks towards Castell Dinas Bran. The views were misty which was a pity.

A misty view of Castell Dinas Bran

Getting up to the higher level was a bit of a scramble up the rocks  for me with lots of stops to get my breath, while Nick waited patiently! But I made it- an acchievement! The dogs as expected were way ahead until Ben found a piece of old fence post which he wanted us to play with. They had drinks in the stream arising from a spring on our route.  A really pleasant walk back along Trevor Rocks, the mist stayed so we didn't get the views we expected but maybe next time we will.

Ben with his big stick
Back at the car park, we let Ben get in the boot first and Connie got in after and soon we were back on the Wharf, just in time for lunch.

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