Saturday, March 24, 2012

To The Top Of Castell Dinas Bran

Trevor Rocks showing the gulley to the top level.
Trevor Rocks- a view from half way up
Going up!

Today I decided to take Ben for a walk around the back of the hill and climb slowly to the top to visit the ruins of Castell Dinas Bran and then back down and head for the boat. On our way around the hill we met the owner of 'Spud', a seven month collie who'd freaked when he met some walkers and ran away, so I took  his phone number and planned to keep an eye out for him. Who was at the top of Castell Dinas Bran.........'Spud' who came to see Ben but  didn't get close enough to me for me to put him on a lead and ring his owner.

I lost sight of him for a while as I climbed back down the hill but spotted him a few times and he was waiting by the kissing gate and he came to see Ben again. But he didn't hang around and  was away down the road to the right which runs down to a crossroads. I followed him with Ben but at the crossroads he had three choices of route, I thought he might have gone into the school playing fields and down in the field by the mooring basin so that's the way we went but we didn't spot him.I rang  his owner to tell him where we'd seen him last and an hour later I had a phone call telling me 'Spud' was the school grounds. I was very pleased he was found as I wouldn't like to lose Ben.


Anne said...

you are going to miss your mountain walks

Elsie said...

Yes me are. Easier on the knees those flatter walks!