Sunday, March 11, 2012

Saturday And Sunday In Llangollen

Lisa and Gwenllian  at the Pontsycyllte Aqueduct

Saturday morning's wake up call was seven o'clock.........yawn, yawn!  As I hadn't got to sleep until the small hours as we're not used to sleeping on the four foot wide bed settee, I could have done with a lie in. Lisa and Gwen had our nice comfy five foot wide bed.Yesterday Grandad (Eric) took Gwen to the toy shop and came away with a doll and a purse, it could have been expensive. Next was a visit to the park while I took Ben for a walk in Pen y Coed Woods with Liz and Connie.  In the afternoon we had a bus ride to see the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct and Gwen liked having an ice cream. Lisa doesn't like heights so stayed well away from the aqueduct while Gwen and I went to have a look. We left Eric home watching the Wales rugby match and of course they won. Tea was spaghetti bolonaise  which is Gwen's favourite and  she was fast asleep by seven o'clock

Sunday morning's wake up call was seven thirty......still far too early! Lisa and Gwen went to get the Sunday paper while we showered and got dressed. After breakfast of cereal and toast we took Ben up the field to play ball. We had lunch at 'The Bridge Inn' where a Sunday Roast was on offer. Eric and I had roast lamb while the others sampled the beef and three clean plates meant we enjoyed it. Gwen's child portion  was large but she made a very good go at it and they even put in on a cold plate as our plates were so hot.  We had ice creams from the ice cream shop in town and of course another visit to the park next to the River Dee.

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