Friday, March 16, 2012

NB Henry's Gone For Blacking

On Wednesday afternoon NB Henry left in a puff of smoke, their engine starts up smokey but it soon diminishes.  They've gone to the dry dock in Trevor as NB Henry needs her bottom blacking, and now there is a big space in between us and NB Spadger. A boat filled the space for an hour and then moved on to the marina basin.

On Thursday morning Ben and I went up the field by the mooring basin to play ball, Ben had lots of paddles in the canal with his ball as well lots of running and catching it. Just two boats moored up in the basin so it was quiet. Later in the day I caught the bus into Wrexham as I had M&S vouchers as a birthday gift and I wanted to spend them. It took me ages to find something I liked in the size I needed. No queues in the changing rooms so I tried on loads of tops and came back with a short sleeved top and a long sleeved check shirt. I always need a cover up top in the summer as we're out in the sun so much.

Today Ben and I had a circular walk around the back of Castell Dinas Bran, back down the road and then we followed the footpath across a field with sheep and lambs in but they weren't   near the footpath which runs along the top edge of the field. Ben stayed on his lead until we got to the track running past the farm to take us back where we  started. We walked for nearly two hours......I was on a go slow....... we didn't see anyone until we were coming back down alongside the school. Ben did his usual finding bit sticks to carry but this time Liz was safely out of the way.......last time he got her on her knee!

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