Friday, March 09, 2012

A Little Visitor And Her Mum

Gwen cracking eggs

Mixing the mixture

Filling the paper cases

Today we had visitors. daughter Lisa and grandaughter Gwenllian arrived by train at Ruabon Station. We met them at the station and caught the bus to Llangollen. Gwen was keen to see the fridge, the washing machine and hoover which were hiding in cupboards or under the bed. We then made some cakes.....ooh what fun! Gwen was great at breaking eggs, mixing the mixture and filling the paper cases. She had fun icing, putting on sprinkles too and licking the bowl!

Gwen playing with Ben

After that we took Ben for a walk and went to play ball in the field, leaving mum to have an hours peace. Gwen played ball with Ben, I took a video but it's so big I can't upload it (128mb). Back on the boat for tea and then Gwen watched 'Peter Pan' and fell asleep........she'd had a busy day. She usually wakes about six in the morning, let's hope she sleeps a bit longer tomorrow morning.

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