Sunday, March 04, 2012

Eric Comes Walking In The Sunshine

Eric enjoying the scenery (having a rest!)

Ben's just waiting for us to continue walking.
The gorgeous weather tempted Eric to climb some hilly bits to walk the footpaths skirting the hill with the ruins of  Castell Dinas Bran. There's some conveniently sited benches on the route so we stopped to enjoy the scenery and get our breath back. Ben waited for us to continue walking round the back of the hill to the stile. He had to have his lead on then as there were sheep around the base of the hill, next stop was the next bench where we enjoyed the views of Trevor Rocks, Velvet Hill and the Llantisilio Mountains. We walked downhill on the road taking a right at the next footpath sign which took us across a  field and then back down the hill. Eric was pleased all the uphill bits were over.

Today the weather has changed it's wet and cold, there's even snow on the tops of the mountains. I took Ben out in the rain and Eric did the boaty jobs.......filling up with water, emptying cassettes and getting rid of the rubbish. He also did the dishes and the hoovering........aren't I lucky? Ben and I walked up to Horseshoe Falls, me dodging puddles with Ben splashing through them. A few people had braved the wet and the cold to take a Sunday morning walk. Ben was filthy so a wash in the canal was called for, then back to the boat for a towel dry!

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