Monday, March 19, 2012

Coughs And Colds Aboard NB Bendigedig

Not much to blog about really, I've been walking with Ben the dog armed with a pocketful of tissues, and cough sweets and feeling pretty grotty. Eric's got the dreaded lurgy too! Ben doesn't usually care where we go as long as he gets a walk or a ball playing session in a field. I did try and walk up towards Horseshoe Falls on Saturday but he was having none of it as the steam train was leaving the station with hoots of the whistle. He just led down and I had to turn around and do a different point in dragging him along. No matter how I feel the sight of the new lambs frolicking in the fields cheers me up!

The sunny weather has brought out the visitors and yesterday (Mothering Sunday) the towpath was buzzing with activity. It's the first day of Spring tomorrow, but with all the daffodils out so early it feels like Spring already.  The ducks are up to their early morning antics and a few stray eggs have appeared on the towpath side of the canal. I hope the next ones are laid in the nest she has been preparing on the offside bank. This pair of ducks come and greet us every morning as Eric puts out seed for the birds and some on the ground for the ducks. They peer at us through the boat windows as they waddle along the towpath.....hoping more food is on offer. 

Today I had an early morning text asking was I up for a walk at 9.15am, so I had half an hour to get up before  Connie arrived at the boat with Liz following behind. We  took the dogs and walked up to meet Nick who was bringing NB Henry back from Trevor, as he'd come out of the dry dock this morning. We met him to check there were no boats coming in the narrow one way sections of the Llangollen.  So now the space is filled between NB Spadger and NB Bendigedig.

I've just come back from an hour playing ball in the field by the mooring basin, it was just too nice to stay indoors. Ben had a good run and he's now fast asleep.......what a life!

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