Sunday, February 19, 2012

Were back On NB Bendigedig

Today we were up bright and early as we needed to walk Ben the dog before beginning our drive back to Llangollen. It was busy with loads of dogs in Tredegar Park so Ben had to stay on his lead. There was a gathering of huskie type dogs and Ben wouldn't have been friendly towards them! It took us about three and half hours with a few stops of course and Ben was a very good boy. The temperature dropped  down to five degrees as we came north and there's snow on the hills, I don't know whether they had snow on the moorings while we were away.

So we've unpacked and Ben is having a sleep after playing ball with Eric. The boat is slowly warming up with the diesel central heating going and a coal fire of course.We had a great time in Newport, thanks to daughter Clare who we invaded! She's now got her house back and some peace and quiet.

I was reading NB Jandai's blog and he was told the online moorings were full of winter moorers which is just not true. There are only nine boats  who have paid for a winter mooring and there is room for visiting boats online as well in the usually empty mooring basin where we are not allowed to stay due to the 48 hour restriction. There'll be even more spaces at the end of February as a few boaters start their cruising then rather than wait until the end of March.

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