Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Walking In The Rain

Ben by Horseshoe Falls

Yesterday Liz and I took Connie and Ben for a circular walk taking in the footpath around the back of the hill which Castell Dinas Bran sits, a short stretch of road going downhill and then back along a track across a field to return via the footpath next to the school. The weather was beautiful with clear skies and no rain in sight.We always enjoy the lovely views of the hills and the  dogs enjoy being off their leads with no sheep about.

Today was different it's been raining that misty rain that seems to get you rather wet, so it was on with the wet gear before we could go anywhere. We decided on a walk to Horseshoe Falls and we didn't want to end up covered in mud, although Ben had other ideas when he jumped up on me with his muddy feet. It wasn't cold at all and the dogs enjoyed chasing sticks in the shallow edges of River Dee near the falls. Ben wanted all the sticks so we had to throw two at the same to give Connie a chance.

We walked back via the field next to the mooring basin as the dogs were filthy again and definately needed a wash. We found some more sticks to throw so Connie had a swim but Ben just paddled, he only swims if he falls in deep water which he can't paddle in. Back on the boats we dried off the dogs with a towel. Ben's now sleeping on the blanket on the sofa..............he's had a hard day!

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